5 Things to Consider When Buying Off-Grid Land

By Kristy Limon

Buying land off-grid and away from the crowded city has never seemed like a better idea than it does now. Getting back to nature, having your own beautiful, secluded property to spread out on, and raising a family away from the hustle and bustle are all great reasons to start looking for your perfect off-grid property. But how will you know if the area really has everything you want/need? For starters, always consider these 5 things when you’re scoping out your dream land.

1. Are your essentials covered?

Of course the most important factor to look for when considering off-grid land is whether or not your essential needs can be met by the property. Is water available, either from a local stream or by drilling a well? Do you plan to grow your own food or is the land close enough to town to pick up groceries when needed? And don’t forget to examine the weather in the area and make sure you’ll be able to build adequate shelter that will keep you comfortable year-round.

2. What access will you have to medical care?

Another factor you’ll want to consider is how important swift medical care is to you. If you’re close enough to town to be able to call an ambulance, you might need to check that your access roads are suited for emergency vehicles. If you’re planning to move hours outside of town, keep in mind the possible situations that could happen in the area and what you can do to prevent them. Consider the weather and the wildlife and be as prepared as possible for both.

3. What are the local laws and building restrictions?

If going off-grid is your way to avoid the hassles and annoyances of city living, make sure you have a good idea of the building restrictions on your property before purchasing. It’ll save you the possible headache of a restriction preventing you from building the home of your dreams!

4. Who are your neighbors?

Whether they’re one lot over or 5 miles away, getting to know your neighbors is a great idea when living off-grid. Having a small community of folks to lean on if you need help or just need to borrow a cup of sugar can make all the difference when you’re living off the beaten track. Your new neighbors can also tell you a little more about the area before you purchase, so you’ll know it’s safe, friendly, and everything you’re looking for.

5. Are you having fun?

While it’s definitely important to remember all the practical things we’ve discussed, don’t forget all the exciting reasons you’re looking to move off-grid in the first place! Have fun while scouting land, and remember to use your imagination to consider all the possibilities that’ll be available to you once you put in a little work to find your dream property.

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