5 Reasons To Buy Land in New Mexico

It’s easy to love New Mexico!

By Kristy Limon

It’s easy to ❤️ New Mexico. Its laid-back lifestyle and trademark southwestern architecture are enough to fall for the area. But there are many more reasons to consider calling this state, dubbed the “Land of Enchantment,” your home – or at least your vacation destination! Here are 5 reasons you should buy land in charming New Mexico.

1. Low Cost of Living

New Mexico offers the chance to lower your cost of living without lowering your expectations. Low taxes, low housing costs, plus a high quality of life – what more could you ask for? Purchasing property in a rural area of the state will afford you no traffic and a relaxing, worry-free lifestyle to retire in. In some areas of the state, retirees are able to live on their social security income alone!

2. Clean Air

If camping under the stars and taking in the views of the night sky is your cup of tea, New Mexico is the perfect place to do it. Even in the largest cities, the air is clean. Albuquerque and Santa Fe have both been on lists of the least polluted cities in the U.S. Light pollution is even low, which is why you’ll be able to marvel at those breathtaking night skies.

3. Beautiful Nature

Speaking of lovely views, New Mexico is famous for all kinds of them! Whether you’re looking for sprawling desert landscapes or vast mountain scenes, you can find them both in New Mexico. You’ll also love gazing at the picturesque rivers, canyons and valleys. Whatever you dream of seeing when you look outside your window, you can find it in New Mexico.

4. Perfect Weather = Tons to do

The lucky residents of New Mexico enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine per year! That means it’s almost always the perfect weather to get outside and explore. Plus most of the land in the state belongs to the community, so everyone is free to check out the trails and sights of this area. And since the state has plenty of mountains, lakes, rivers, and forests for camping, fishing, hunting and skiing, you’ll never get bored!

5. Rich Culture

The unique culture of New Mexico is widely known and loved. The state pays tribute to its rich cultural heritage in everything it does, from the architectural style of buildings to the vibrant art scene and even the food (bring on the green chilis!). A melting pot of beautiful Native American and Spanish influences, there’s nowhere quite like New Mexico. 

Whether you’re looking for the ranch land of your dreams or a small lot to camp on, New Mexico has everything you need. So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Is buying property in New Mexico a good idea?” the answer is a big ‘ole yes!

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